Public Speaking Skills

This one-day course will let you into the secrets behind standing up in front of an audience - large or small - and speaking effectively and confidently. It will help you to present yourself and your viewpoint with maximum impact – in an interview room, a conference, boardroom, council chamber, church, classroom or lecture theatre.

During the day, you will find out how to prepare physically and mentally, structure your “speech”, engage your audience, use supporting material appropriately and – most importantly – enjoy the experience!

Finally, you will put together and fine-tune a presentation, before delivering it to no more than six fellow course participants. You will be shown – in private – a recording of your presentation and will receive individual feedback.

Elements in the course include:

  • The art of speaking in public
  • Preparing and structuring your presentation
  • Using visual aids
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Voice work 
  • Speaking with conviction
  • Dealing with questions



"We gained a lot of valuable skills, into how to organise and execute a presentation successfully..."
Trainee feedback

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