Education to Employment

Finding work is becoming harder and harder. With jobs at a premium, it’s never been more important to prepare thoroughly for that all important job interview - and a possible presentation.

This one-day course will show you what employers are looking for in new recruits, how to write a CV which will get you noticed and how to perform when you get called to that precious interview.

Leapfrog Communications trainers will record participants as they undergo a mock ‘interview’. Trainees will get a chance to see for themselves how they look and sound and will receive feedback on their performance.

They’ll be taught some of the skills needed to ‘sell’ themselves to would-be employers. And they’ll get a thorough understanding of how to write an attractive CV.

  • Practical Exercise
  • CV Writing
  • Preparing for Interview
  • Body Language
  • Dealing with Nerves
  • Interview Skills
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