Crisis Management

It can take a whole lifetime to build a reputation but only a few seconds to lose it. This course is aimed at people who may already be comfortable with the media, but want to be ready to react effectively if disaster ever strikes.

You have to act quickly and decisively in a crisis, otherwise your good name could be lost. But where should you start? Do you need to alert the public and how much do you tell them? Do you need to restore clients’ confidence? Are you worried about reputational damage? Can you perform under pressure? 

Our ‘Crisis Management’ workshop will help you to think strategically, act decisively and stop a crisis becoming a catastrophe. 

  • Initial Response
  • Fielding the First Questions
  • Getting Your Side of the Story Across
  • Preparing for Hostile Interviews
  • Staying Calm Under Pressure
  • Moving Forward 

"Attendees reported that they had been given an insight into the field of communication which they had not previously had..."
Loughs Agency

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