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The need to communicate clearly and confidently has never been greater. Leapfrog Communications is an accredited Open College Network Training Centre, with the skills to help you perform effectively in any media situation.

If you, or one of your representatives, were called upon to give a radio or television interview, are you confident that you could do so in a way which carried no risk to your reputation?

Are you confident that the press statements which you send out won’t fall victim to the ‘Delete’ button? 

Do you welcome the opportunity to stand up before an audience and speak in public?

Without proper training, it’s unlikely.

Many individuals and organisations miss out on valuable opportunities to promote themselves or to ‘set the record straight’ because they don’t know how to use the media to their advantage. 

Many of our most experienced professionals admit to being stricken with nerves when called on to address an audience in public. 

Leapfrog Communications can help change that. 

Our courses give an insight into the world of communication; they give you the thrill of ‘live’ broadcasting in mock studio conditions; they help you decide what to say and how to say it; they show you how to make the media your friend and get the results you want.  

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"The training by Leapfrog Communications equipped the participants with all they needed to know about getting their message and stories across to a wider audience..."
Derry City Council
Good Relations Department

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