Communication Support

Whether you need media support for a one-off event, a DVD or brochure to promote your organisation or someone to chair a conference or workshop – we have the experience to bring you the best results. 



At some point in every organisation’s life, a time comes when securing extra communication support is guaranteed to help you.  

Maybe you could use professional assistance to organise and publicise an event. Perhaps a slick, pacy DVD or a colourful brochure would be the best way of promoting your work. Maybe the involvement of an authoritative, independent chairperson is all that you need to set your conference apart from the rest.  

Few people would dispute the fact that fresh thinking and extra pairs of hands are always useful when you’re trying to attract media attention and influence public opinion. At Leapfrog Communications, we have the expertise and professional experience to help you.

Leapfrog's first-hand knowledge of the media within the region combined with a thorough understanding of our programme helped to ensure that we got maximum exposure..."
UK City of Culture 2013 team


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