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One of Ireland’s most successful industrialists once let us into a secret. He said he was fed up listening to lengthy presentations by eager reps telling him how great they were, how much business they were doing, how many awards they had won and how successful they had become. “I only want to know one thing,” he told us. “What can they do for me?”

Here at Leapfrog Communications, we can help you with your communication needs – whatever they are: 

  • Public Relations: if you want to promote your business, your community, your organisation, a service or an idea, Leapfrog can help you draw up a public relations strategy. We can train your spokespeople, write your press releases, identify publicity opportunities for you and provide copy for your promotional material. 
  • Crisis Management: it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a moment to lose it. Every organisation runs into problems at some point, and – tempting though it is – silence is not an option. With the right approach, you can stop an ordinary crisis from becoming a complete disaster.
  • Communication Support: if you’re planning a major event, and want it to run smoothly, we can add a professional touch, with public-speaking, conference-chairing, and workshop facilitation.
  • DVD Production: bring your message to a wider audience with a professionally researched and filmed DVD. 
  • Training: conquer your fear of speaking in public; prepare for that all-important job interview; find out how to make the media your friend; learn how to look and sound the part on TV and radio.      

Leapfrog Communications’ partners have a combined 60 years’ experience in the print and broadcast media. 

We know how the media works; we know how journalists think. And we want to share our expertise with you. 

Thank you for considering Leapfrog Communications. Browse through our website and click on the drop-down menus to find out in detail what we can do for you. 


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